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Why Waterproofing ?

The water proofing method adds extra strength to the buildings. It is a magic done with the support of exact civil work. The problems connected with the buildings like leakages, dampness etc. will be solved by the step by step process involved in the method of water proofing. This method would react as an additional process to enrich health to the buildings and prevents the building from sickness. The awareness of water proofing is an extraordinary investment to their kith and kin which will act as a resistor to shield their earned immovable properties. The service of water proofing can be done in two ways (ie) prevention and solution. The preventive methods is suggested to the new construction and the solutionary method is suggested to the existed buildings.

Why mani associates ?

We have a team of experienced engineers and supervisors and skilled labours who have expertise in their respective areas. This enables us to provide fast and best customer service with best quality and timely application and quick solutions to customer complaints. We can offer best water proofing solutions at a reasonable and competitive prices. Timely service with 100% perfection is our motto.We propose, design and recommend the appropriate waterproofing system to suit each different requirements for different projects and needs. We give service warranty for our waterproofing treatments and applications. We use world wide quality consruction chemicals in our waterproofing applications like BOSTIK, FOSROC, CHOKSEY, BASF, STP, DR.FIXIT, SIKA, CICO, CCP, GREENSEAL, Mccoy soudal according to our client needs.

A good waterproofing or repair job requires

  1. correct identification and rectification of the root cause of the problem.
  2. Use of right materials and
  3. Good workmanship during execution

Mani associates would stand as a witness to these good waterproofing applications.

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