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Silicone Water Repellant Coating

Silicone water repellant is water based liquid compound, which penetrates the pores of, treated materials and provides a durable, invisible, and highly effective waterrepellent film. It protects masonry surfaces from moisture absorption, dirt and dust. It waterproofs the plaster and resists theSilicone Water Repellant,coimbatore, India growth of fungus on it..


  • To treat above ground masonry surfaces such as tiles roofs, brick, concrete, stone wall etc.
  • For interior use, treating the joints of tile surfaces subject to contact with water,such as school corridors or washrooms.
  • On stone surfaces, cladding on exteriors of buildings, concrete panels and all calcareous building materials.
  • To treat cement painted or sand textured surface painted plaster on outside walls.


  • Invisible or transparent
  • Keeps water out but lets dampness escape
  • Minimizes efflorescence
  • Keeps masonry clean and anti fungul
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