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Polysulphide Sealant

Polysulphide Sealant is based on liquid and solid polysulphide polymers which adhere to most of basic civil engineering materials like cementitious substrates The product is used for sealing expansion joints, floor concrete guru cutting areas. . After mixing the base component & curing agent in given proportion rubber like material in pourable consistency is forPolysulphide Sealant,coimbatore, Indiamed .


  • It is mainly used for Vertical & floor expansion joints in Industrial, commercial or residential buildings
  • Joints in concrete roads bridges, subways, flyovers & airport runway.
  • Concrete cracks repairs in slab.


  • Excellent UV resistance after full cure is over.
  • Can withstand in fully submerged condition.
  • Good chemical & water resistance.
  • Adhesion compatible to most of substrate
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