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Pest Control

Pre-Construction Anti-termite Treatment

This is a chemical treatment out at the early stages to prevent termite entry. Pesticides are applied on soil at various stages of construction. This strong chemical barrier prevents termite entry into the building for a long time.



Post-Construction Anti-termite Treatment

This treatment is carried out by making a chemical barrier at the plinth level by drilling holes at the wall and floor junctions inside the building in all rooms and at the external perimeter as well as treating all wooden fixtures in the building. The existing termite infestation will be totally eradicated.





Mosquito Control

Carried out in housing colonies, industrial establishments, townships, hotels, hospitals, etc, the breeding places in the surrounding are treated with larvicide’s and adult control is done by spraying and fogging during dusk hours.



Rodent Control

Rodent Control Services coimbatoreControl of rats and mice is carried in food godowns, warehouses, canteens, hospitals, pharmaceutical units, garment factories, by spraying repellents, trapping, baiting with anti-coagulant rodenticides to eradicate the population.


Fly Control

Fly Control Services coimbatoreThis is a specialized service needed for canteens, restaurants, clubs, hotels, hospitals and other food-handling units. Regular weekly treatments are carried out to keep the flies under control especially during the fly season.



Garden Pest Control

Garden Pest Control Services coimbatoreWe use a special combination of insecticides on all the plants in the garden, including lawn to eradicate infestation of different insects like aphids, mealy bugs, jassids and worms.



De-Bugging Treatment

De-Bugging Treatment, coimbatoreBed bugs are human parasites and feed on blood. They are mainly active at night and hide in cracks and crevices, furniture and along the folds of mattresses and upholstery.
Chemical spraying treatment will be done to prevent bed bug infestation.

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