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Foam concrete (light weight Cellular Concrete)

Roofing is probably the most widespread application of foamed concrete. Foamed concrete has two benefits when it is used for roofing.The first benefit is that it provides a high degree of thermal insulation.The second benefit is that it can be used to lay aflat roof to falls, i.e. to provide a slope for drainage. In countries where roofs are flat and where roof surfaces are used as part of everyday life, foamed concrete is strong enough to support foot or even vehicular trafFoam concrete,light weight Cellular Concrete,coimbatore, Indiafic on the roof. Foamed concrete is also much lighter than slopes made from mortar screeds.This means that a roof with a slope made of foamed concrete imposes a lower loading on the structure of the building.


  • Causes no pollution Long service life Highly elastic, does not break Practically no aging
  • Cold and heat resistance to weathering Not damaged by roots and fungus
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