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Exterior Coating

Exterior coat is a high performance, liquid-applied waterproofing membrane. It is consisting of a very elastic polymer with the inherent flexibility allows the membrane to accommodate movements in the substrate. It is specially formulated to seal, decorate,uv resistant properties and simultaneously waterproof exterior surfaces in a two coats application. It may be applied by brush, roller or airless sprayPolyurethane Water proofing, Acrylic  Waterproofing, Exterior Coating,coimbatore, India .


  • Walls
  • Concrete slob roof
  • Roof terraces
  • Planter boxes
  • Masanary walls & RR Walls


  • low water absorption
  • high alkali resistant
  • low dirt pick up
  • seamless membrane with good breathability
  • long term exterior durability
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