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Expansion Joint Sealant

We provide Joint Sealant services that is known for its various benefits such as recovers the original width after expansion joint filler & contraction without loosing the surface bond offers over coating by any painting material, strong bonding to most of the building materials, nontoxic, excellent adhesion properties and resistant to water, salt water, acexpansion joint, Expansion Joint Sealant, Coimbatore, indiaids.


These services is highly applicable in areas like

  • concrete pavements,
  • expansions joints,  
  • wood/metal frame joints,
  • road and car parking area
  • sealing of bathtubs,
  • basins, sink, ceramic tile sealing. .


  • Expansions joints
  • Wood/metal frame joints
  • Concrete pavements
  • Joints and 'j' bolt of ac sheets
  • Road and car parking area
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