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Epoxy Grouting

Epoxy Grouting is a high strength epoxy grout designed for grouting of machine and equipment bases of all types, formulated to be used in both thin and thick sections. Epoxy Grouting is suitable for grouting bases of numerous configurations. Epoxy Grouting provides excellent boEpoxy Grouting,coimbatore, Indiand to foundation and provides maximum bearing for long lasting grouting projects.


  • All indoor & outdoor tiling joints
  • For grouting of Ceramic, cement, quarry, porcelain tiles, Pavers
  • All high strength applications including crane rails
  • Tanks, turbines and housings
  • Large anchor bolts and keyways


  • Non shrink, free flowing
  • Fast setting/quick return to service
  • Excellent bearing
  • Excellent bond foundation to base plate
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