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Epoxy Water Proofing

Epoxy Water Proofing is a two component epoxy resin based waterproofing compound. One part is consisting of epoxy resin and the other part with curing agent. After mixing both the parts it can be thinned down with water. It possesses all the attributes of normal solvent based epoxy compositions such as excellent water Epoxy Water Proofing, coimbatore, Indiaand chemical resistance, adhesion, hardness, toughness and mechanical strength.


  • Overhead Tank/ Sump Coating
  • Cement- concrete water storage tanks.
  • Damp walls (Interior / Exterior)
  • As a primer before painting (Interior / Exterior).
  • As a primer before application of coating in Food & Drug industries.


  • Being water based it penetrates in concrete / plaster surface, seals the porosity and network of fine cracks.
  • Reduces water permeability.
  • Non toxic and food grade materiel
  • Can be overcoated by solvent based and water based paints.
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