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Bituminous Coating

Bituminous Coating is a two component/single component, high quality purified coaltar and polyurethane polymer based ideal waterproofing compound. It stops leakages through porous substrates and lasts for longer period than plain bituminous compounds. It is easy to apply and economical than multilayer bituminous felts. After curing,it forms an impervious, tough, waterproof and weaBituminous Coating, basment waterproofing,coimbatore, Indiather durable membrane.


  • RCC Roofs, Sunkan, Sajjas, Gutters
  • Retaining walls,basements
  • Damp & wet rooms
  • Under ground structures
  • Foundations


  • Bituminous dries to a seamless, highly elastic and waterproof membrane.
  • Bituminous is suitable for horizontal and vertical surfaces above and below ground..
  • Bituminous is resistant to all dilute acids or alkali, fumes or fluid gases commonly used in the construction industry..
  • Bituminous is not damaged by roots and not attacked by rodents.
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